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Are you underwhelmed by your current shower experience and wish you could do something different? A custom shower is a fast and effective way to reimagine what’s possible for your bathroom. Thompson Bath Remodel’s team is known for our 1-day shower replacement. From design options to fast completions and lifetime warranties, here’s how we can help you get more enjoyment and value out of your space.

Create a Spa Oasis

If you want to transform your bathroom into a spa experience, consider a shower that adds more ambiance. Lighting, new tile, and upscale touches are a few places to start that add luxury to your space. Your bathroom remodel in St. George, Utah, could also include your shower on a frameless door, providing a seamless look for your new spa experience.

Add Shower Jets

If you love the idea of having more options in your morning routine, look to shower jets. They combine the valves, sprays, and water jets you need for an enhanced shower experience. Shower towers also make it easy to adjust the angles just right to optimize your experience.

Transform Your Space with a Shower Tower

Amplify your shower jets and functionality with a shower tower. They combine the valves, sprays, and water jets you need for an enhanced bathing routine. Shower towers also make it easy to adjust the angles to get just the right height for you.

Warm Up Your Morning with a Steam Shower

Steam showers are ideal if you’re active and looking for a way to soothe sore muscles after a workout. But they also offer comfort and relief from ailments, including poor circulation and itching. Although a steam shower should never replace medical advice from a professional, it can offer more relief during your day. Call us to discuss starting your shower remodel in Utah or a 1-day shower replacement.

Turn Your Shower Into an Eco-Friendly Experience

Are you looking for ways to lessen your impact on the environment? With an eco-friendly shower, embrace an environmentally friendly showering experience. Our bathroom remodeling specialists can introduce options that are made of environmentally friendly materials and potentially reduce water and energy use. You’ll see a reduction in your bills with the help of low-flow shower heads and control systems.

Save Space with Simple Solutions

Not all custom shower upgrades are about luxury and opulence. They can also include streamlining your space. If your bathroom is small, there’s no need to deal with a messy shower curtain. Instead, you can opt for a custom shower with a doorless walk-in shower, which saves space while making it look more modern.

Get a Bathtub to Shower Conversion

You can choose a separate bath tub and adjoining shower or skip the tub altogether. More homeowners are opting out of the bathtub altogether to open up their space and add more functionality to their bathroom. Call the team at Thompson Bath Remodel to talk about the bath tub to shower conversion process.

Enjoy More Comfort in Your Day

Style and functionality are just a few reasons to invest in a custom shower and a one-day bath in Utah. However, they also provide more comfort for your daily routine. You can outfit your shower with all of the custom touches you want for a personalized experience.

Call the Custom Shower Experts at Thompson Bath

Ready to explore a custom shower or bathroom remodel? Thompson Bath Remodel’s licensed and insured plumbers offer fast, dependable service that saves you time and money while reflecting your signature style. We’ll discuss your options, come up with ideas, and develop a plan for your high-quality bathroom remodel. Call us today!

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