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When dealing with home improvement endeavors, the tendency to overlook your shower in favor of other priorities is common. However, every shower eventually reaches the end of its lifespan, transitioning from a utility to a potential liability. Postponing your shower replacement or shower upgrade can result in significant repair expenses, making it crucial to discern the warning signs your aging shower is presenting. Should you observe any of these three indications signaling the need for a new shower, look to the Utah bath remodeling experts at Thompson Bath Remodel to prevent the risk of a flooded bathroom or more severe consequences.

We can also help you with a shower to tub conversion or the installation of an accessible shower. In addition to preventing flooding, we want to help you stay in your home as long as you want to!

Excessive Cracking, Chipping, and Peeling

Shower bases withstand considerable wear and tear over the years. However, if you identify significant issues in the finish, exercise caution. Extensive cracks, chips, or widespread peeling typically signify that your finish is nearing the end of its lifespan, jeopardizing its waterproof integrity.


While it may appear apparent, numerous homeowners dismiss minor leaks around their shower’s base that can escalate into substantial problems. Small puddles, initially attributed to inadequate drying, may actually stem from your shower basin, indicating a potential need for a new shower.

Stains and Outdated Styling

The desire to replace an unsightly shower is entirely reasonable. Whether plagued by persistent stains or exhibiting an outdated appearance, opting for a new shower serves as an excellent means to revitalize your entire bathroom, rekindling your enthusiasm for its use.

You Need Easier Bathing Access

If you are injured or aging and you need to access bathing easier, we will work with you to make sure you get what you need. We can help you with a shower to tub conversion or install a more accessible shower. That way, you won’t have to have as much outside help and you can continue living in your home as you always have.

Rely on the Shower Replacement Specialists

If concerns arise regarding your aging shower exhibiting signs of wear, Thompson Bath Remodel is your go-to solution. With over two decades of experience assisting homeowners with home upgrades, we are the trusted team for your shower replacement and shower upgrade needs. Reach out to us at Thompson Bath Remodel today for more information.

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