The Benefits of a Shower to Tub Conversion

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If you’re contemplating a bathroom renovation, you’re not alone. Many homeowners, whether they’ve recently purchased an older home with an outdated bathroom or their family’s needs have evolved, consider bathroom renovation a common home upgrade. If you’re ready for a bath conversion in St. George & Southern Utah, call us at Thompson Bath Remodel today!

bath to shower conversion

Reasons to Choose a Bath Tub to Shower Conversion in St. George & Southern Utah

One popular choice in bathroom remodeling is replacing the bathtub with a shower. These bath to shower conversions in St. George & Southern Utah makes sense for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your kids have outgrown the need for baths, and a sleek walk-in shower would be a more attractive and functional choice. Or, it could be that your existing shower head over the tub no longer suits your needs, or your bathtub has seen better days.

Indeed, many people adore a leisurely bath, but today’s fast-paced lifestyles often lead to showers being the preferred choice for efficiency and invigoration. A bath conversion in St. George & Southern Utah not only aligns with contemporary living but can also conserve water.

You may also have experienced an accident or injury that makes bathing in a tub difficult or unsafe. In these cases, call one of our bath conversion companies in St. George & Southern Utah to get your tub swapped out fast.

Swapping your old bathtub for a modern shower enclosure is generally a straightforward process, often accomplished in just a few days. At Thompson Bath Remodel, we are here to help!

Is it Time for a Refresh?

If you’re merely seeking a bathroom facelift, there are several key factors to consider before proceeding with your remodel. Carefully evaluate the pros and cons of replacing your bathtub with a shower to make informed decisions for your bathroom.

The Benefits of a Bath to Shower Conversion in St. George & Southern Utah

1) Boost Home Value

If you own your home and foresee a potential sale down the road, a tub to shower conversion could boost your property’s value. This shift is one of the most sought-after bathroom renovations, and it often provides a return on investment higher than the initial cost.

2) Space Efficiency

A shower typically takes up less space than a bathtub. In smaller bathrooms, where space is limited, replacing a bath with a shower can make the room more functional and spacious.

3) Water Savings

Filling a bathtub requires a significant amount of water. Showers, in contrast, are more water-efficient. By switching to showers, you can save a substantial amount on your annual water bill, especially in households with frequent bathroom use.

4) Enhanced Safety

Bathroom safety is a critical consideration. Showers are generally safer than tubs, with lower risks of slipping and falling. Stepping in and out of a bathtub can be challenging, especially for those with reduced mobility. A bath tub to shower conversion in St. George & Southern Utah can improve bathroom safety for your family.

5) The Illusion of Space

Showers with clear doors and walls can create a sense of spaciousness in even the smallest bathrooms, making them look and feel larger.

6) Easier Access

Easier access is a key advantage, especially for those with limited mobility. Showers provide additional room to maneuver and are easily adaptable to meet accessibility needs, making them an excellent choice for older or disabled individuals.

When considering a bathroom remodel, a bath tub to shower conversion in St. George & Southern Utah is a popular and pragmatic choice for various reasons. It’s an affordable and relatively low-stress renovation that can make a significant impact on your bathroom. Should you opt for this transformation, it’s advisable to enlist a professional for the work. The result will be a more spacious bathroom, reduced water bills, enhanced safety, and easier access.

Call Thompson Bath Remodeling for Tub to Shower Conversions in St. George & Southern Utah

At Thompson Bath Remodel, we are happy to help you with your bath conversion in St. George & Southern Utah. We will give you an estimate for your tub to shower conversion cost, then begin your project as soon as you’re ready. Call now and we will be there soon!

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